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Duplicate Check when Exporting Statement Data to SBCA
Duplicate Check when Exporting Statement Data to SBCA

Details on the duplicate checks AutoEntry uses to alert you of duplicate transactions.

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AutoEntry will provide a number of notifications to warn you of potential duplicate statement transactions being exported to SBCA.

📎NOTE: AutoEntry can only recognise duplicates in data exported from AutoEntry. It will not recognise duplicate data for transactions that already exist in SBCA whether manually entered or resulting from a bank feed inserting data.

What duplicate checks occur?

  • Duplicate check on uploaded statements

    • Our standard duplicate checks remain on files uploaded to AutoEntry for extraction. Where files are recognised as a duplicate they can be found in the rejected tab in the Bank Statement folder.

  • Exporting previously exported data

    • When selecting the dates of transactions to export, those dates which have already been exported from AutoEntry are highlighted with italics.

      These dates can still be selected and exported if required but in case of accidental selection, a warning will appear on the confirmation page.

  • Duplicate warning in export history

    • If transactions are exported that match the dates of data already in Sage, it will also be noted with a warning under the export history to check for any potential duplicates.

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