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Changing the Bank Account for Exporting to SBCA
Changing the Bank Account for Exporting to SBCA

How to change or re-link the Bank Account in AutoEntry when exporting to SBCA.

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Once you have exported transactions from AutoEntry to SBCA, the account you've selected is effectively soft-locked to that statement extraction. However, we've taken into account that errors can occur, so it is possible to change the account you're exporting transactions to. Please be aware of the notes below that affect this process.

How to change the bank account

  1. Using the Sage Bank Account drop-down menu on the inbox page, select the new account.

  2. When the new account is selected, a pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the change. To continue the new selection, click Re-link Bank Account.

  3. Export the data again to the newly linked account.


  • When an account is re-linked, the calendar history is reset. This means that when exporting data and choosing the dates to export, previously exported dates will no longer be highlighted.

  • You cannot link an extraction to an account that is already in use. These accounts will appear on the dropdown but are greyed out preventing selection. If that account is required you will need to first relink the other account in AutoEntry before selecting it for another extraction.

  • Export history is not affected by relinking an account. The history shows the history for the export from AutoEntry for that account, irrespective of the destination bank account in Sage.

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