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Invoice and statement processing times
Invoice and statement processing times

An explanation on how long the expected times for invoices and statements to process.

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How long does it take for AutoEntry to process documents?

AutoEntry processes 80% all invoices/bills/receipts and supplier/vendor statements within 2 hours and 80% of bank statements within 4 hours.

We do have a theoretical maximum of 24 hours that can account for scan quality, server loads, etc. which we strive to meet in the case of any delays but we can't guarantee a fixed turnaround time. 

Specifically, larger batch uploads of invoices or statements will take longer than 24 hours to process and uploads of Excel or Word documents can take up to 24 hours also.

If your document is still in 'processing' status after this timeframe, please contact our Customer Support team using the chat widget.

📌TIP: See our Recommended Scanner Settings and notes Pen Marks and Handwriting on Documents to ensure the best turnaround times possible.

What does 'Queued for Processing' mean?

When your files are uploaded, their status will show as 'Queued for Processing' on the Activity screen.

This means that the files have been received by us and processing will begin shortly. No further action needs to be taken by you to have these processed.

What does 'Credits yet to be deducted' mean?

The Credits yet to be deducted message means that your file is in the final stage of processing where credits are being deducted from your balance.

This typically only takes a few minutes, and the files are then released automatically to your Inbox.

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