The AutoEntry Supplier Statement folder allows you to upload and recognise all the individual invoices on a supplier/vendor statement and reconcile them with the invoices already processed by AutoEntry automatically. You can also create invoices that are missing, match invoices manually if there are differences and even ignore invoices you know shouldn't be on the statement!

First of all, here is a brief video demonstration of the process:

Once a supplier statement has been uploaded and processed, simply select a supplier account using the drop-down menu.  

Once done, AutoEntry will use that supplier account to match the invoices in the Inbox or Archived folders.

Next, click the View button to open the extracted data. Here you can edit any statement details as long as they have not been matched to an invoice. 

To start matching the invoices on the statement to your invoices in AutoEntry, simply click on the Reconciliation tab at the top of the page.

Here you can reconcile the statement using the four functions available:

  • Auto-Match - Button to the top right - AutoEntry automatically search's the purchases folder (inbox and archive) to find exact match invoices. Please click here to find out more on Auto-Match.

  • Find Match - If AutoEntry has not been able to find an exact match of an invoice during Auto-Match, the user can do a manual search of the purchases folder, setting the criteria required to broaden the search. Click here to find out more about Find Match.

  • Ignore - The user can also ignore the particular line of the supplier statement if they wish to.

  • Create - If the invoice has not been processed by AutoEntry, the user can manually create the invoice. This invoice will also show within the purchases folder ready to be published to your accounting software.

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