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Upload invoices to AutoEntry
Upload invoices to AutoEntry

How to upload sales and purchase invoices, credit notes, and receipts to AutoEntry from your computer.

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You can upload both sales invoices and purchase invoices to AutoEntry, as well as credit notes and receipts.

How to upload an invoice

To upload an invoice follow the same steps for uploading a document. Select Purchases or Sales depending on whether it is a sales or a purchase invoice/credit note/receipt.


  • The Purchases folder is where you would upload purchase invoices, receipts, and purchase credit notes

  • The Sales folder is where you would upload sales invoices or sales credit n

You then have the following options to configure:

You can then browse and select the invoice. Once it finishes processing it appears in your Purchases or Sales folder.

Can I transfer invoices from AutoEntry to my accounting software?

Once an uploaded invoice is processed, you can post the invoice into your accounting software:

What is the cost of processing an invoice?

The charge for processing a sales or purchase invoice is 1 credit per invoice or 2 credits per invoice if it has line items.

The monetary cost per invoice depends on your subscription level.

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