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Invoices not Auto-Publishing?
Invoices not Auto-Publishing?

Potential reasons why your invoices have not auto-published to your accounting software despite the setting being switched on.

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There are a few common reasons why your invoices would not auto-publish:

1. The supplier name does not match supplier account

The auto-publish function is switched on per supplier. If the supplier name extracted from an invoice does not match closely enough to the name given the correlating supplier account, this supplier account will not be able to be assigned automatically. For example, if the supplier name was extracted as 'AutoEntry' but the supplier account created is named 'AE'.

2. The VAT amount extracted does not match the remembered VAT code

There must be remembered settings saved for a supplier in order to auto-publish their invoices. Remembered settings/codes are assigned based on matching the VAT amount extracted to the remembered VAT code. If these do not match, remembered settings/codes cannot be assigned and invoice will not be auto-published.

3. Issues with your integration

If there is an issue with the integration to your accounting software, such as an error message being displayed on the integration status, invoices will not be able to publish or auto-publish. Once this issue is resolved, these invoices will need to be republished.

4. Sage 50/QuickBooks Desktop

As both Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop are integrated through the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App, the sync app service needs to be running at the time of publishing. If the sync app service is not running during this time, publishing/auto-publishing will not commence. For this reason, we do not recommend switching on the auto-publish function if your company is integrated with Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop.

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