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Invoices not publishing to my accounting software
Invoices not publishing to my accounting software

Common reasons why there is a delay with your invoices publishing to your accounting software and how to resolve the issue.

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If you have marked invoices as published but they've not successfully moved across to your accounting software, it can be because of the following reasons:

Did you click Re-sync?

The most common reason for invoices not moving across to your accounts package is when a user clicks the Re-Sync button after they they click the Publish button.

When you do this it prevents the invoice(s) from publishing to your accounting software.

If you have done this, republish the invoice(s).

Does your invoice have an error?

If you can see a red triangle symbol beside your invoice(s), this indicates there's an error on this invoice preventing it from publishing.

When you click on this symbol, it tells you what the issue is/what needs to be amended on this invoice. You should then just need to unpublish the invoice, make the relevant edits, then publish the invoice again.

📌TIP: If you're unsure what an error refers to, search for the exact error message in our AutoEntry Help Center.

Are there any errors on your Integration Status?

When you log into your account, one of the columns on your Company List is your Integration Status. If your integration has an issue, an error message will show here.

While the errors shown here will typically depend on the accounting software you are integrated with; if you are unsure of what an error refers to, specific troubleshooting steps for error messages can be found by searching our Help Center.

Did you publish a large amount of invoices one by one?

If your Inbox contains a large amount of invoices that are ready to be published, we recommend you publish your invoices in bulk, rather than individually. This is to prevent build-ups of documents in our publishing queues that could lead to delays.

Has your integration's connection expired or stalled?

If the integration between AutoEntry and your accounting software has been inactive for around 30 days, i.e. no items have been synced in that timeframe, the connection can expire. This can prevent your invoices from publishing successfully.

Not to worry though, this is very easy to fix. All you need to do in this instance is disconnect and reconnect the company's integration. Once reconnected, republish the affected invoices.

Further troubleshooting

Below are further troubleshooting steps based on integration with specific accounting software:

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