When you are integrating a company via the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App, the Connection in progress message gets stuck loading.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 users.

  • QuickBooks Desktop users.


This issue is typically caused by the Sync App desktop service being accessed over a slow network.


To resolve this, please do the following:

  1. Open your PC's Task Manager, select More details if it is showing the minimised view, and click on the Processes tab.

  2. Click on OCRex.Desktop.AutoEntry.Client & AutoEntry.Service.

  3. Select End Task on both.

  4. Open the Sync App again and ensure you are able to view your company list.

  5. Re-attempt the integration.

Additional Information

For a full guide on integrating your company via the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App, please click the link below for your corresponding accounting software:

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