Publishing an invoice on AutoEntry means to push through or post an item into your accounting software. The steps in this article will show you the following:

  1. How to publish a single invoice.

  2. How to publish invoices in bulk.

  3. What happens when an invoice is published.

  4. How to select multiple invoices at once, and how to select only either published/unpublished items.

Applies To

  • Purchase and Sales invoices.

  • Any company that is integrated with an accounts package.


Publishing a Single Invoice

  1. Within the Inbox, select the Supplier account, Category and Tax codes using the drop-down menus.

  2. Click on the green tick icon to publish the invoice to your accounts package. The icon turns solid green to indicate it is being published. More information on what each of these publish buttons signify can be found here.

  3. Once successfully published to your accounts package, an icon appears below the publish button to indicate that the transfer is complete.

You can also publish an invoice from within the single invoice view.

  1. On that page, click on Publish and Next near the bottom. This will publish the current invoice being viewed and bring up the next invoice in your inbox.

Publishing Invoices in Bulk

  1. You can select multiple items at a time by clicking the checkbox located in the first column of your inbox on the left.

  2. Click Actions and select Publish.

  3. You can also select or de-select all items, all published or all unpublished by clicking the drop-down arrow located in the top left hand corner of the page and apply the same action to all items as above.

Additional Information

  • A guide on unpublishing invoices, should you need to do so, can be found here.

  • If you have the auto-archive feature switched on, your invoices will move from your Inbox to your Archived tab once fully published.

  • You can also set invoices to auto-publish to your accounting software. The steps for setting that up can be found here.

  • If for some reason you are having trouble posting invoices to your accounts package, please click here for further guidance.

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