If you have marked invoices as published/approved but they are not publishing successfully to your accounts package, below are the most common things to check for.

Check Your Invoices for Errors

If you can see a red error triangle beside your invoice(s), this indicates there is an issue with this invoice that is preventing it from publishing. If you click on this triangle, you will be told what the issue is/what needs to be amended on this invoice. You should then just need to unpublish the invoice, make the relevant edits and then publish again.

Check Your Integration Status

When you log in first and are shown your Company List, one of the columns here is your Integration Status. If there is an issue with your integration, an error message will show here.

While the errors which may show here will depend on the accounts package you are integrated with, if you are unsure of what an error refers to, just search key words in our help center for steps to resolve!

Specific Issues based on Accounting Package:



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