Once on the Company Homepage, an overview of the data processed for that company is given grouped by folders and access to that company's settings.

The Menu bar to the left gives access to:

  • Company Settings
  • Company Suppliers
  • Manage Lists
  • Integrate
  • Company Files

Items can be uploaded directly to these folders by clicking on '+Upload' for the relevant folder.

For Purchase invoices, Supplier Statements, Sales invoices, Bank Statements and Expenses, there are separate folders under each heading.

Under the main folder headings the number beside each folder shows how many invoices or items are in that folder.

  • Inbox - Bring you to the main list view of new invoices/statements AutoEntry has processed
  • Activity - Shows a full audit of activity on the account.
  • Archived - All invoices previously processed and published by AutoEntry
  • Rejected - Any files or invoices that were rejected for processing by AutoEntry
  • People - All users with access to this company.
  • Reports (Expenses folder only) - a list of all active reports for the user logged in only
  • Review (Expenses folder only) - a list of all reports submitted to the user logged in that have yet to be approved/rejected
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