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Fetched Document Processing - Submit Function
Fetched Document Processing - Submit Function
How to manually submit a fetched document for processing.
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The Submit function allows you to send individual fetched documents from a supplier or bank for processing. They will then appear in your Purchases inbox once complete.

This can be set up at either an individual supplier level or bank folder level within your File Management folder.

How does this work?

You can access the Submit function by navigating to the Root Folder within File Management via your company homepage.

From there, click through the buttons in order of Document Fetching > Suppliers > [Supplier Name] > [User's Account Name for Supplier]. As shown in the example below, the Submit button can be found to the right of the fetched document.

Once you click Submit, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select whether to process the document with or without line items. Click the tick box if you would like line items to be extracted, and then click Submit again.

After the document is submitted, the Status will show as a green arrow icon, and the Action column will display the processing progress of the file.

Hovering over the green status icon will display the line item selection i.e. if line items were not turned on at the point of submitting the document, the icon will say Capture Line Items: Off, and if the line items were turned on, the icon will say Capture Line Items: On.

The submitted supplier document(s) will be added to the Activity page of the company’s main Purchases/Bills folder, where the progress of the processing can be followed. Once processed, these documents will automatically move to the Purchases/Bills Inbox as normal.

Additional Information

  • When a document is submitted, an additional charge (in addition to the standing fetching charge) will be applied for the processing, depending on the document submitted i.e. a single supplier document will be charged one credit (two credits if line item extraction is requested).

  • If you would prefer to automatically send every fetched document from a supplier or bank for processing, we have a guide on setting this up here.

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